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Take me down

Take me down

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Sorry if I don't remember
Color of your pretty eyes
Is it green?
When I saw you in my bedroom
After all those empty years
Was it a dream?
Oh yeah

Tried to call you every week
But there was no one on the phone
Seems to me like hundred years ago

Sorry if I greet hello
In my darkened room
Is it you?
Really you?
So I sit down right besides you
And I kiss you on your face
Yes I do
Kissing you

I will keep you by my side now 'n
I will never let you go
I sing a song to say I love, I love you so

Take me down
I'm flying to high
Take me down
I'm flying high
Take me down
Don't you see I'm flying high
Take me down
I'm flying so high
Take me down
I will know why
Take me down
See me touring on the sky

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